Monday, May 15, 2006

How weird is this - I woke up wide awake at 6:15 a.m. and wasn't even in a grumpy mood! Steve was grumpier than me for a change. So I got into one of my Mother's Day presents from Steve - The Heidi Chronicles & Other Plays by Wendy Wasserstein. They are wonderfully witty and sarcastic and just right for this woman who refused to let "obey" be used in our wedding vows. Steve still teases me about that. He had heard about her last book Elements of Style (which he also gave me) on NPR and knew I would like her writing. He is so right! Can't wait to read this too. Not sure I would give The Heidi Chronicle to most teens, but the older girls going on to college might enjoy the plays, especially "Uncommon Women and Others".

Yesterday was a wonderful Mother's Day. We had gone out the night before for dinner at Molly Malone's with friends so I was happy to sleep in and stay at home. Actually we did go out to get pizza, as I was craving it, but both of our favorite places were closed so we picked up the ingredients (which cost more than 2 pizzas would have) and I made them myself. I wanted pecan pie for desert and Steve wanted brownies so we bought the first and I made the second. What a delicious mix on the same plate, but Steve says it needs ice cream too. I need to find a chocolate pecan pie recipe!

On Saturday, after our 1/2 burger at Shipwreck we went down to Main Street (jewelry row) to visit Harriet and Gene, who own the 19th Hole - a wonderful little bar with about 10 bar stools that Gene runs. This is a favorite hang out of the men who come to the row - they chat with Gene while their wives are shopping in the myriad of jewelry shops. They also make and bring drinks to the jewelry shops. When there are "big spenders" in the shops the owners offer free beer and tropical drinks. I have sat in traffic on Main Street during a busy day and seen Harriet go by with a tray full of bushwackers. Harriet also has a knock-off sunglass shop right next to the bar. I love the sunglasses I bought from her - 2 for $25. Had to hide them from Anne as she kept borrowing them while they were here. :-) Gene is a wealth of knowledge about the island as they have lived here for a long time and on Tortola before that. While we were there a West Indian young man won $2500 on the slots - he would have won close to $7000 if he had bet $4 instead of $2. Heck - I'd be just as happy as he was with the $2500. But, like Steve said - who knows how much he has put in the darn machines before this win. I want to go back to Sint Maarten and play the nickel slots!

That's all for now. I am trying to enjoy my quiet day as tomorrow I am back at Montessori and summer school starts at ECU on Weds. so I am sure my in box will be full of questions from students. It rained this morning (yahoo!!) but the sun has come out so I may even walk down to the beach after lunch.