Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Two boxes of books in the car already this a.m. I have been sending two at a time on T and TH to ECU so I can get them out of the livingroom. For every box I have to fill out Customs Declaration Forms which are a pain as they are multipart and my hand gets tired from pushing down so hard to get through all the copies. Since it took over 2 months for a couple of boxes of books to get to my sister-in-law in Florida I imagine they will get to NC about the time I do in August! The mail has been awful since Christmas - guess they never caught up. I have been waiting for an order from Drugstore.com since March and I am not a happy camper as I am out of Luna bars - my typical breakfast, with a diet coke, of course. I figure the vitamins and calcium in the healthy bar counteracts the 2, sometimes 3, diet cokes I have before lunch!

I actually woke up before Steve this morning. I guess my own dream-bearer was busy last night so I slept well. Lois Lowry's Gossamer gives the reader a whole new slant on the idea of why we dream. The dream-bearers are tiny creatures who visit us at night and by touching things in our homes they are able to bring out the memories and insert dreams, the act of bestowal, into us, often via our ears. Littlest is the smallest of the dream-bearers and is learning her craft, but has so many questions about what she is and what they do that she is driving her teacher crazy, but Thin Elder takes over and together they bring dreams to an old woman who is foster mother to a very angry little boy named John. John is about to be visited by the Sinisteed, the nightmares, and it it Littlest's task to give him enough good memories in his dreams to help him be strong enough to fight off the nightmares. This is one of the loveliest books I have read in a very long time. It is such a feel good book and so well written that the words flow into you, just like a dream bestowal. I can close my eyes and see Littlest, in her almost transparent form - little wings aflutter and eyes big with wonder. Keep this one to read aloud to your own children and add it to all elementary school collections.

Off to Montessori for the day. It is going to be another hot one.