Sunday, January 23, 2005

Almost football time, but I still have a few minutes to blog. We are an hour later than Eastern time so all of our favorite shows, like Lost, are on fairly late. The VIs don't change time with the seasons so we go between one and two hours different.

Gorgeous sunny day again. Spent the a.m. cleaning house a bit as we have had a lot of gritty ash come in. One of volcanoes erupted down here and the ash made its way to us on the wind - weeks later!

There have been quite a few YA novels about immigrant families being published. Just finished reading the ARC for Fresh Off the Boat byMelissa De LA Cruz about a Filipino family who moved to the SF area from Manilla. Vicenza's parents were very wealthy restaurant and business owners who lost everything. They were starting over with nothing, but that isn't what V is telling her best friend back in Manilla. In her imaginary Email world V is the girlfriend of the hottest guy at her private school and is spending thousands on her imaginary charge cards. A very touching story of a family starting over, with hopes for a better life in the U.S.

All for now. Kick off!