Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hi All. My right wrist has click-itis! Right now HighBeam Research has free access to all of their full text material. I have a free membership, but you normally have to pay the upgrade to save the full text articles - otherwise you just get the citations. So I have been busy saving YA Lit related articles to my file. Was up until midnight last night - clicking away! My wrist and arm are sore but I will keep at it as the freebie ends tomorrow. If you have time go check out and take advantage of their resources. They have some esoteric full text articles I don't find in other databases.

I was reading posts on one of the listservs, I think YALSA-BK, and they were talking about how teens love the CSI series. My daughter is fascinated by this stuff too, but she is a surgical technician so that makes sense. I got to hear all about the first open heart surgery she watched - GROSS!! Anyway, recommend Last Breath by Christopher Golden and Rick Hautala (a good Finn name!) to those CSI watchers. This is part of the Body of Evidence thriller series. There are 7 other titles in the series, with titles like Body Bags - that one should get the attention of even the most reluctant reader.

Jenna is a Freshman college student who works as a diener - pathology assistant - in the county medical examiner's office. She gets way too involved in how the bodies on the slab got there, to the point that she becomes the target for the serial killer in this thriller. She also has the hots for an older cop so there is a bit of romance in there too, but no steamy sex scenes, just gruesome autopsy scenes. Jenna is such a likeable character that the reader can't help but shake their head, knowing full well that she is going to put herself into danger trying to figure out the case. She is born for this profession. Wonderful gruesome read.

Nose back to the manuscript editing grindstone for me.