Friday, January 28, 2005

Bummer - the last day of my "free" week before I start working a part-time contract at the VI Montessori School and I couldn't sleep in! I was up before Steve left for work and he asked me if I wanted the car. I said no as I would have gone wandering instead of finishing up the editing I need to do. Not sure what I am getting myself into with the school library, but it should be fun. It is just through the end of the school year. Will get me out of this apt. office anyway.

Since I was up so early I laid in bed and finished Sharon G. Flake's Who Am I Without Him? Wow! She sure didn't pull any punches about how teenage boys and girls view each other. It hurt to read "So I Ain't No Good Girl" - she encourages his abusive behavior - it's all she knows. Had to chuckle over "Mookie in Love" and how all the women in the family dote on him until he wisely brings a baby boy into the family scene so he can have time with his girlfriend - a girl the women don't approve of cause all her family has is girl babies. My favorite of the short stories is "Jacob's Rules". All teenagers, and lots of adults, could learn from taking Jacob's class called BOY STUFF. Brandon has some heavy duty thinking to do when what he thinks is true is turned upside down when he is paired with the "ugly jock girl" in class. And, I would like to pass out copies of "A Letter to My Daughter" to every freshman girl - actually, more like 7th grade girl in this day and age. This daddy pulls no punches about what a guy wants from a girl and it isn't her mind. This is a "gotta have" and is more than deserving of the Coretta Scott King Honor it received.

Back to the editing. Hard to do when the sun is shining on the ocean, making it look like it is covered with sparkling diamonds. Good darn thing I don't have the car today!