Monday, January 31, 2005

I think I am beginning to thaw out a bit. We had a wicked cold snap come through the islands this weekend - wind, rain, and just plain cold temperatures for the islands. As the wind was moving our chairs around on the balcony I looked down at the sailboats in the marina and was not the least bit envious of those people who live on their boats. BRRR!

We did make a run into town on Saturday before the rain hit to check out the couple of small furniture stores in the Fortress Storage place. Stores open up in the strangest locations down here. Most of the furniture you find is either wicker or heavy dark woods. We have wicker now and I am not crazy about it and I don't like the dark woods. I like the clean lines of Scandinavian style furniture with the light wood. Oh well, we will keep looking.

But, I did have my first infamous Shipwreck burger at the Shipwreck Tavern, right across the street from Havensight, where the cruise ships dock. Even though it is in a touristy area lots of locals hang out there because the enormous yummy burgers. Oh yeah - I do think the pool tables and casino type poker machines have something to do with the appeal too. :-) Steve and I split a burger since they are so big. We also played the trivia bar game while we waited for our food - we have to play together as one player since I get too competitive otherwise. :-/

There is an ongoing conversation about book covers on YALSA-BK that is very interesting. I was adding some of Dickinson's older titles to my booktalking book as suggested similar titles and I thought of the cover of my favorite book of Dickinson's - Eva. I used to have it as required reading for my YA lit. students and it always resulted in very interesting class discussions about medical ethics. But, I do think the cover on the paperback is wonderful. The haunting blue eyes on the bottom of the cover topped by a "memory" of dark trees. I know it is a "memory" because I have read the book, but what does the teen reader think who sees it for the first time? The response to a cover is very individual, based on prior knowledge and just plain old likes and dislikes. It is said that you can't judge a book by its cover but it really is too bad we don't have the space in libraries to do more bookstore like displays, covers out, to attract teens.

Okay - back to editing. I am nearing the end. I've been at it since 7:30 this a.m. Took a break to blog - needed it. I was getting cross-eyed!