Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Good afternoon. Still cool and breezy in the islands. Not tank top and shorts weather by any means of the word.

Was looking through various list of books suggested for the Printz award. My number one choice for Printz - Rosoff's How I Live Now.

Honor book contenders: Aidinoff's The Garden, Zeises' Contents Under Pressure, Chotjewitz's Daniel Half Human and the Good Nazi, and Farmer's Sea of Trolls.

There are lots of other books I hope make BBYA so I am looking forward to attending the meetings and listening to the committee members' discussion.

I noticed one of the lists included Jaclyn Moriarty's The Year of Secret Assignments. Delightful reading experience - hope it makes BBYA. My favorite character is Emily - how can you not like someone who sends "empty" envelopes to her pen pal with little notes inside. Em also says her nickname should be "Toblerone". On that bent, my nickname would have to be Godiva, and I don't mean Lady, I mean dark chocolate! YUMMY!! :-) But, Lydia is the one who held my attention the longest - she is one intriguing character with her weird letters to Seb and her insistence on filling out the notebook even though it is totally stupid in her opinion. With all the email and chat room based teen novels of late, it was nice to read a book based on letters that were actually sent via snail mail.

All for now - need to finish up a review for VOYA.