Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Good morning all. Another breezy cool day down here. Took Steve to work yesterday so I could have the car. Hope he buys some kind of clunker to drive soon so I can have my car back. I gave up on trying to keep it neat. He seems to think the floor in the back seat is a trash can for his junk mail. GRRR!! Listened to more of The Red Tent while I was out and about. It is not an easy one to listen to in mixed company. I don't even try with Steve in the car anymore since what goes on in the Red Tent and in the marriage bed is talked about in such detail that Steve's ears go red within minutes. It is not one I would give to teens - very much an adult woman's book.

If you have read Oppell's Airborn you know that it includes pirates that take over the airship. I was telling Steve a bit about it on the way to town yesterday and he asked me if it was rated "ARRR!!" A bit of pirate humor there. It was too early in the a.m. for me to be highly amused!

Since I had been reading so many fantasy titles, many with a "witchy" element, I decided to expand my reading horizons and picked up a historical romance, Spirited by Nancy Holder. It is one of the Simon Pulse books and typically I really like these. A bit "outside of the box," just like me. :-)

Since Holder is the coauthor of the Wicked series I should have known there would be some magic/mysticism. There is, but what a great G-rated "bodice ripper" - you know, the kind with Fabio on the front and lots of heaving bosoms. There are western versions of these too - fondly referred to as "Wrangler rippers." Naive but feisty Isabella joins her father on a journey through Indian country to one of the British forts. They are ambushed by a group of Mohican type Indians and Isabella becomes the slave of Wusamequin, the young handsome medicine man. You know - washboard abs and rippling biceps. :-) As every romance reader knows - they initially hate each other even though they are physically attracted, and then they fall in love. Sure, it is a "typical" historical romance in some ways, but add the mystical journeys they take together and you can also booktalk this one to the girls who only want books with a supernatual element to them. It is delightful reading romp - a Beauty and the Beast tale with Native American flavor.

All for now.