Monday, March 07, 2005

Good Monday morning to all. A very large catamaran docked in the marina this a.m. That and seeing all the sails out on the diamond sparkling ocean makes me want to be sailing. A perfect day for it - sunny and breezy. Cats are more stable and easier sailing for those of us who suffer from motion sickness. I wear the wristbands when we sail. Been awhile - can't wait to get out on the water again.

Summer is upon us with heat and humidity. We went down to Sapphire Beach yesterday to walk and swim. Lots of tourists at the resort this time of year. They are so much fun to watch - the little ones with their "water wings" on but not quite sure they want to go in. All the shades of sun starved skin out on display - from whale belly white to fire engine red as they work on tans before they go back home.

I finished Brent Hartinger's The Order of the Poison Oak during the weekend. Russel and his friend Min both get taken in by Web, who is out for nothing but sex, with anyone of either sex who he can convince he "loves". There is no substance underneath those rock hard abs and sexy eyes. But, it is a love story nevertheless for both Russ, who finds his guy, and clumsy Gunnar, who is "found" by a girl. Russ also learns a bit about himself as he figures out how to work with groups of young campers to gain their respect. The title has to do with a special ceremony he does with his first group of campers - a group of male burn survivors who have been running him ragged.

Time for some breakfast and to find the top of my desk before I start working on an article for Library Media Connection.