Monday, March 14, 2005

I am sitting here slathered from forehead to chin with aloe vera, along with a few other places the sunscreen didn't get. OUCH!! I look like an over ripe tomato. Went sailing with friends on Saturday and didn't put any sunscreen on my face. Just wasn't thinking about the fact that the new moisturizer I am using doesn't have a sunscreen in it. At least now I can smile without it hurting but it still hurts like heck to wrinkle my forehead. This is going to be really ugly if it peels!

But, on the positive side we had a really great time. Breezes were good and we sailed over to St. John and went snorkeling. Saw the biggest sea cucumber I have ever seen along with star fish and lots of the very same fish we used to have in our salt water aquarium in Houston. Lots of boats out because of the gorgeous weather. The guys put out the spinnaker - what a gorgeous billowing sail.

While laying around bemoaning my sunburned fate I finished Broken China by Lori Aurelia Williams. China stays in the denial stage of grief through most of the book - refusing to go to her little girl's funeral and doesn't visit the grave site even though she insisted on a coffin and a service she could not afford. She is working in a strip joint as a counter girl to make money to pay the funeral home loan. One minute she is acting like an immature 14 year old and then next she is old beyond her years. Made me think of Glovach's Beauty Queen which is also set in a strip club with a teenage protagonist who gets involved for the money. But she ends up getting hooked on drugs. China gets out before it is too late - she is fortunate to have a loving uncle and friend to help her. Glovach's Samantha is pretty much alone in the world.

Started reading the ARC for Barry Yourgrau's Nasty Book. It will be out in April. Have no idea what I think of it yet. Very short snippet type stories that are quite nasty. In one of them three girls plan on torturing the ghost who comes back to apologize for scaring them. In another an imaginary friend, a bear, decides his creator is boring and heads off on his own, only to be run over by a truck. My favorite so far is the ventriloquist puppet who suddenly realize he is a puppet.

That's it for today.