Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Yahoo! The Internet connection is working at the same time I want to use it. :-) Had to go in to the Montessori library on Sunday to work on a book order that was due on Monday because our DSL connection at home was down. It was so darn hot in there I thought I was going to melt. The library doesn't have air conditioning - just lots of louvered windows and fans, but because the library is between other buildings it doesn't get much air flow. I am trying not to get excited about the new books for the students as I have been told it will take about a year to get them. These are books bought with Federal funds and nothing works quickly through governmental channels down here.

Speaking of books - I have a new favorite - A Room on Lorelei Street by Mary E. Pearson. I really enjoy the edgy books for older YAs and this is one of them. Zoe (with a "e" at the end!) has her anger just barely under control. Well not always under control - she is suspended from class for her outburst about how to pronounce her name! Luckily she can let some of that anger and frustration out on the tennis courts. Zoe has finally had enough of being the caretaker for her alcoholic mother and moves into a room on Lorelei Street in the home of an eccentric older woman, Opal. Opal gives Zoe a delicious touch of caring - something no one in Zoe's family has done in years. Opal actually goes to Zoe's tennis matches - Zoe is so stunned and touched she doesn't know how to respond. But, the wonderful feeling of having a safe and calm place of her own may be coming to an abrupt end as Zoe has to give her grandmother most of her rent money to pay for the car registration. Now Zoe has to figure out how to come up with the rest of the rent money so she can keep her promise that she will not go crawling back to her mother and grandmother. Will be out in June 05.

Pearson's other books for teens are David v. God and Scribbler of Dreams.

I haven't had much time to read in the last day or so but I am about through with Mosley's 47. Such a beautifully written, but strange book - a combination of historical and science fiction. I will write more about it when I finish it. I'm still at the savoring point. :-)

All for today.