Wednesday, March 16, 2005

With summer upon us the sun in the morning is quite intense. We still open the patio doors but have begun to drop the shade to keep some of the heat out. The cat sure doesn't like having to go under it to go outside. Not that she can't go out the window we keep the screen off of for her. She is spoiled rotten and shedding like crazy due to the weather change. Who would have thought that a cat would even get a "winter coat" in the islands?

The sunburn is healing but now I look like a half peeled tomato. My nose is the worst. The kids didn't say a word yesterday - I was surprised.

I just started reading Walter Mosley's 47, which will be out in May 05. I am just at the very beginning where the boy has been sent to the slave quarters and has his number branded into his shoulder. He hasn't yet met Tall John, the runaway slave who will change his life. So far I am enjoying it. Wondering if Tall John will be anything like Paulsen's Nightjohn. I do love that book and the sequel, Sarny.

Reading this book also made my think of my favorite Walter Dean Myers' book - The Glory Field. It doesn't get much attention but it is a wonderful novel that traces the lives of a black family for over 140 years - from when the first member of the family is brought over on the slave ships until present day when one of them is struggling with drug addiction. I am very glad to see that new paperback and hardback editions are coming out within the next year.

That's it for today.