Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Good morning! I look a little less like a tomato today but I am sure the kids at Montessori are going to comment on my red face. I have a group of 9th graders coming in to work on ancient civilization research. This is the same group that chose to read Alder's The King's Shadow - one of my favorite YA historical novels from the 90s.

I am looking at the inclusion of various fiction genre types on the BBYA and Children's Notables lists and was disappointed to see Mary Logue's Dancing with an Alien is out of print. A student borrowed my copy and didn't bring it back, but this one of my favorite YA SF novels to booktalk. Love the part where the alien is trying to convince her he really is an alien and pulls off his nipples. That would convince me. :-) YALSA-BKers have been talking about Melina Marchetta's Looking for Alibrandi and it is also out of print. Wonderful book about an Italian girl in Australia that addresses the reality that cultural prejudice is also present in other English speaking countries.

All for now - the sun has finally risen and it is time to fight the traffic going into Charlotte Amalie to drop Steve off.