Thursday, March 03, 2005

Watched a sailor park his sailboat this morning while I ate breakfast on the balcony. It seemed so effortless for him to back into his small berth at the marina - and that was no tiny boat he was parking. Wish I could do as well with parking my car on this island. I thought parking spots were small and hard to find when I lived on Oahu, but St. Thomas is incredible. If only I could figure out a way to side-step my car into spots since I can't parallel park! Or even better, be able to just rotate the car from a central pivot point instead of trying to navigate around cars parked helter skelter in what are clearly not parking spots. Thank goodness I have an assigned parking spot at Montessori that I can just drive right into. :-)

Started reading Brent Hartinger's The Order of the Poison Oak this morning. Should be on bookstore shelves this month. Hartinger uses a first person narrative with the character, Russel, often speaking directly to the reader. Russel has recently come out of the closet and joined the Gay-Straight-Bisexual Alliance at school. As the school year ends Russel is more than sick of the fag jokes and makes a point of how words can hurt you. But now he, his geeky straight friend Gunnar, who has decided to give up on girls after all the embarrassing encounters he has had trying to get one, and their bisexual friend Min, who checks out body parts on guys and girls both, are working as summer camp counselors. Russel learns the hard way how all kids will manipulate you if given the chance - especially his charges who know he is afraid to discipline them because they are burn survivors. Russel also has eyes for the good looking bad boy, Web - more reading will tell where this goes. :-)

I loved Hartinger's Geography Club and really liked Last Chance Texaco so I suspect this will continue to be an enjoyable reading experience.

Now to write a midterm.