Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Insomnia has me in its grips again - last two mornings wide awake at 3:30 a.m. Finally gave up today and got up at 5:00. Not much of a sunrise - very overcast and dreary. That may change though. Summer is upon us heat and humidity wise - it arrived on Friday! The reason I say that is I work at Montessori on Tuesdays and Fridays and the library isn't air conditioned. I was miserable in jeans! So now I have to find my "summer clothes" - sun dresses, light fabrics, etc.

Have been working with the 9th grade History teacher to find a novel to read as a group. We narrowed it down to The King's Shadow by Elizabeth Alder. It was a BBYA title back in the mid 90s. Wonderful story of a Welsh boy named Evyn who is sold as a slave after his tongue is cut out. He ends up as the "foster son" to King Harold, the last Saxon King. A much more interesting way to learn history. :-) Our second choice was a newer titles - The Edge on the Sword by Rebecca Tingle but the students voted it down. Not surprising since most of the students are boys and some of the girls in the class had already read it. It is about the daughter of King Alfred. The class had just finished fighting their way through the Iliad. Wish I had known - I would have suggested Dateline: Troy by Fleischman to supplement or replace it! Wonderful juxtaposition of historical narrative text with newspaper clippings from modern events.

No new YA to report on this a.m. - I am reading a book written by a local VI author that was locally published. Not one Mainlanders will have ready access to!

That's it for today. Need to work on a Board presentation for Montessori - we are going to automate the library with Follett's Destiny. Will be the 2nd existing collection I have automated from good old check out/catalog cards to barcodes and scanning. But, that was an elementary school in Alaska in 1989! How times flies when you are having fun.