Wednesday, July 13, 2005

After spending yesterday morning in the library, shifting books and moving tables, etc., I get home to Steve telling me we may be in the path of Emily. So we watched the local weather reports last night and it appears we are out of the path due to its southern movement. But, poor Jamaica looks to be in the storm path again. As beautiful as it is outside today one would be hard pressed to believe there is a hurricane not so terribly far from us. Six boats of various types and sizes visible from the porch at the moment. And, a noisy bird! Sophie is still in a snit with our resident bird as it was sitting on the air conditioner looking at her through the window while she and I read in bed in this a.m. That darn bird loves to tease Sophie - but the relationship is mutual. :-)

I recently watched Citizen Kane for the first time and I see why it is considered one of the best American films. The clarity of the focus both in the foreground and background is amazing. No wonder Hearst hated this film, even if he was but one of the people the screenplay was supposedly based on. Steve and I visited the Hearst Castle a few years ago and it is incredible. Amazing to think someone lived there - not the most homey place I've ever been in.

What I was reading while the cat meowed and bird squawked this morning is Holly Bennett's The Bonemender - an ARC from Orca. It should be out in September. I love high fantasy, especially if there are Elvish characters, and there certainly are in this one. Bennett, and her children, are fans of Tolkien and this is evident in the story line. Gabrielle, a bonemender/healer, is the daughter of the King of Queen of Verdeau. Her skill in healing with her hands and mind is far beyond what other human bonemenders are capable of, but she does not realize how she came about this advanced ability. Only a direct question to her mother reveals her heritage. A pair of Elvish scouts arrive at their castle, one of them with a grievous leg wound. It requires much of Gabrielle's healing powers and she gains her patient Danais' respect, and the love of his fellow scout, Feolan. When the Gref Orise army invades their land, both human soldiers of Verdeau and the Elves respond. It is a bloody battle, with many deaths on both sides, with Gabrielle healing as many wounded as she can. Feolan and Gabrielle, much in love, will continue their path together in the sequel, The Bonemender's Oath. I am looking forward to reading it. Because of Gabrielle's age, 27, and Feolan's age, close to 100, and the fantasy setting, The Bonemender is a novel that will intrigue readers of all ages. Can't wait to recommend it to the high school girls next year.

Now to work on syllabi! Much more fun to write about books!