Thursday, July 07, 2005

Overcast and cloudy again today. Yesterday was a stormy one. I watched lightening streak across the sky and strke the ocean while I worked out on my elliptical. Having it on the porch is nice as I get the ocean breezes and get to watch the boats go by, or the light show from a thunderstorm, like yesterday. I felt sorry for the people on the ferries coming from St. John and Tortolla as the boats bounced on the waves. Much calmer today. Steve came home and got me at lunch time so I could run errands this afternoon. We had tacos at Charlotte Tamalie - a cute local place by Havensight.

Although movies are sporadic with our online/mail Blockbuster membership it is fun to see what comes in. We watched Johnny Depp in Neverland last night. Wonderful movie. I cried at the end and told Steve how sad - he saw it differently. Perhaps he is right - I just need to believe. :-)

Read an adult book for a change. MJ was looking through the paperbacks with me on the book exchange rack in Bottom's Up the other evening and handed me a Dean Koontz book. At 23 months old he couldn't have known Koontz is an author I used to read, back when my kids were in their teens. So, I took it home and began to read, quickly remembering why I like his books. The Taking is about a couple who help save children when an alien entity takes over the earth and "takes" people. Basically the earth is purged of all but a handful of adults, picked for their skill sets, and the children. Some of the adults smile when they are "taken", others scream. Are they going to the same place? Is Hell really down there? As always, Koontz leaves the reader with as many questions as answers.

Back to working on syllabi for the Fall - it will be the end of August before I know it.