Tuesday, July 05, 2005

White caps out on the water today. Was glad we decided to stay home and watch fireworks on TV last night rather than going over to St. John. The weather was not good. Just can't seem to get myself to settle into anything today - have done a bit of this and that, but need to settle in and get some work done. Maybe it is the weather making me so restless.

Read a wonderful Orca ARC (available in Sept.) during the weekend - Red Sea by Diane Tullson. The author sailed the Red Sea so she knows the area well and the very real threat of pirates. Fourteen-year-old Libby is not a happy sailor - she doesn't want to be on this trip with her mom and stepdad and makes sure they know how irritated she is - including getting back to the boat late so that they miss sailing out with the rest of the group of boats. Alone on the sea, pirates attack while Mom is on watch. She panics and fires a flare gun on them, which causes them to open fire with an AK-47. Libby's sailing skills will determine if this is a survival story or not. I couldn't put it down.

Okay - at least I should get some laundry done!