Monday, July 18, 2005

It is so beautiful here today I feel guilty when I think about those poor people in the coastal areas of Mexico that got hit so bad by Emily. The sailboats and parasails are out in full force today because of the wonderful breezes. Yesterday we were getting lightening and thunder though. My cousin called during one of the storms and we were talking about our mother's (sisters) fear of being electrocuted through the phone during a storm. Since I was on a hands free set I wasn't too worried. But, the comment did bring back memories of the delightful Upper Peninsula thunderstorms of my childhood. I can close my eyes and here the rain on the roof above my bed.

Went to lunch at Shipwreck with friends on Saturday and Vickie took me to The Fabric Store after lunch - yes, it is called The Fabric Store and pretty much is the only one on the island. I had found a cool little one near the wharf awhile back, but this one is huge - you could get lost in it. Vickie was buying fabric to make window seat cushions - I was just window shopping and drooling. I don't have a sewing machine over here, but I am about to start shopping for one online. This island has all kinds of little shops that you would never find on your own. The Fabric Store has 5 parking spaces and is in a run-down part of Charlotte Amalie that you would not go in otherwise. But, what a find! :-)

Speaking of finds - I think I just read a Newbery contender this weekend. Betty G. Birney's The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs is beautifully written and what a wonderful message - there are wonders all around you, no matter where you live, if you just look close enough. Eben is fascinated with the seven ancient wonders of the world and dreams of traveling around the world - nothing fascinating or wondrous takes place in Sassafras Springs - at least not in his opinion. So his father tells Eben he will buy him a train ticket to visit his aunt in Colorado if he can find seven wonders in the next seven days. So Eben goes searching, visiting his neighbors and discovers wonders - it may not be the object itself, but the stories that go with the object are what make it wondrous. Set in 1923 Missouri, the folksy style of writing and the down home kindness and quirkiness of the folk make this a story that all ages will enjoy. My number one choice for the Newbery at this point in time.

All for now - back to page proofing.