Friday, July 15, 2005

A very hazy, windy, and hot day today. Watched a gull tossed about on the wind currents - poor thing - no smooth flying today. We have all of our outside furniture up against the walls or turned over so it doesn't blow off the porch. I'll be glad when Emily is long gone. I am sure there will be another storm close behind.

I went from reading several fantasy titles in a row to Chicken Boy by Frances O'Roark Dowell. What a delightful MS read. Tobin tries to keep up the bad-boy McCauley name, but his heart just isn't into being bad. He just wants a regular family life with food in the refrigerator and clean dishes in the cupboard. Not the case since his mom died of cancer. Tobin's eccentric granny does love him bunches, but calling Social Services on his dad is not the wisest thing she has done to "help" Tobin. Where Tobin finds solace is in his chickens, a "business venture" with his new friend Henry that turns into more than business. Who ever said a chicken doesn't have a brain, let alone a soul? Tobin is a well rounded character who many middle schoolers will relate to as he tries to figure out where he fits in his world. Tobin's earthy country voice is a delight, as is his dry sense of humor. I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions. In my humble opinion, this one should be a Newbery contender.

Now to work on the page proofs for the MS edition of Tantalizing Tidbits. Yahoo! :-)