Friday, July 08, 2005

The skies are not quite bright blue yet, but we are getting some sunshine and the sailboats are back out - they are so gorgeous when their sails are at full billow. There is a pirate bedecked sailboat painted in red and blue, flying a skull and cross bones flag, that sails by here on occasion. I am sure it is some type of tourist cruise, but what a delightful boat - the sails are red. Most are white, so this boat really stands out on the ocean. Makes me think of Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean. Can't wait to see the second one - it was filmed on Dominica, which is a very lush and mountainous island. The poorest in the Caribbean so I am sure the locals loved the boost in the economy with a film crew on the island.

Was having an email conversation with a friend awhile back about whether or not you can like a book in which you really don't like the main character. Brian Sloan's A Really Nice Prom Mess fits that category for me. I never did get past my irritation with whiney, wimpy Cameron Hayes, the main character, but I did find myself laughing out loud at the situations he got himself into. Heck, I liked his fake Prom date - Amazonian size, red headed, dreadfully drunk Virginia who immediately pegged him as gay - better than I did Cameron. What straight guy would ask her questions about her dress so he could buy matching flowers? Virginia is none too happy to be going to the Prom with a fag (her term, not Cameron's). His boyfriend Shane's date and friend knows he is gay but that is as far out of the closet as he has come. No way is Shane letting his friends and family know - he is too into the jock scene for anyone to even suspect. They don't even question Shane's tag along wimpy friend Cameron. With Virginia threatening to out both of them and Jane suggesting Cameron loosen up with some pot because he is in a snit that Shane is not spending any time with him, but with his jock friends, Cameron loses control and pushes Shane too hard to confirm their relationship. This tactic backfires and what happens after that is both sad and hysterical. It was a fun read, but I still can't stomach Cameron!

All for now.