Monday, April 18, 2005

A beautiful Monday morning. We have a couple of island parrots that flit around in the trees in front of the apartment. They are gorgeous. Intense green with yellow heads and blue on their tails. First ones I have seen up this close.

We went snorkeling yesterday afternoon after I spent hours boxing up books both for work and to move to the new apartment. Talk about sweaty work with no air conditioning. It is so difficult for me to part with books, even though I know I can access them any time I want in the library. Anyway, the snorkeling was great. We went to Secret Harbor and snorkeled with the tourists. It was a delight when they'd scare a school of fish toward us. It is so breathtaking to see large versions of the small tropical fish we had in our Houston aquarium in their natural habitat. But, it is a bit spooky when they nibble on you. I was hoping to see a sea turtle but no luck. I had "ring around the face" for hours afterward - need to loosen my face mask!

Just started reading James Patterson's Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. It is a Little Brown publication that just came out this month. Went looking through my pile of ARCs for my copy after seeing the cover art when I was choosing my April audio book. Beautiful angel type creatures. Not very far into it but it appears they are genetically created winged human children who are being chased by Erasers - men who can take wolf form, also genetically altered humans. So many adult authors have begun to write YA novels - wonder why that is. But it does appear I am going to enjoy this one.