Thursday, April 07, 2005

It is actually cool enough today for me to have my fan off and to drink hot tea. Why is it the cool days are the ones I work at home and not at Montessori? For sure it will be sunny and hotter than Hades again tomorrow while I am in the library.

We went and looked at an apartment yesterday and are keeping our fingers crossed we get it as it is in a very quiet neighborhood and the road to it is quite good - not a goat trail like the one we are on now. No abandoned cars along side the road either. Great ocean view with hummingbirds everywhere. Sophie will go nuts watching them. We should find out in a couple of days.

Decided to take a break from YA and read a children's book by Carolyn Marsden - Moon Runner. I loved the cover art - an Asian girl in full stride. Very cute story about 5th grade best friends who are having problems because Min, the supposed "girlie girl" can run faster than the athletically inclined Ruth. Competition initially has a bad influence on their friendship until Ruth realizes that Min has reminded her how good it feels to run, even if you don't win. Not only did the cover attract me, so did the author. Marsden also wrote The Gold-Threaded Dress, which I absolutely loved and apparently so did many others as it was named a Booklist Top Ten Youth First Novel. The main character's family has recently moved from Thailand and she is trying to fit in with the predominantly Hispanic group of 4th grade students. Her ceremonial dress becomes her ticket into the in crowd but they do not appreciate how important it is to Oy and her family.

All for today - still working on the final manuscript editing.