Saturday, April 16, 2005

Got the blahs today. I should be in a great mood as they are putting in an air conditioner in our bedroom as I type. So we can sleep in comfort at least until we move. We have had two fans blowing on us at night. We had some rain yesterday and it seems to have brought the mosquitoes out. They don't attack you in swarms like they did in Alaska but these ones are biters. Steve has a zapper shaped like a tennis racket and he has great fun with that in the evenings.

Woke up early (why does that happen when you don't have to get up but you are exhausted when the alarm goes off at the same time on days you have to work?) and watched the weather change from cloudy to sunny. Glorious sunbeams streaming through the clouds and I closed my eyes and could envision mischievous angels sliding down them. Sat on the balcony and read an old Jude Deveraux paperback I picked up somewhere. Haven't read that kind of bubblegum romance in years. I loved her Knight in Shining Armor - it was even made in to a movie with Meg Ryan - but it has been years since I read romances with regularity.

Chic lit is certainly popular with females of all ages. More and more of has been published for teens since Angus, Thongs and Full-Fronting Snogging by Rennison got all the attention because of the Printz. Four books in that series now. Haven't read the third one of the Traveling Pants series, but I like those much better. Better character development.

Whytock's My Cup Runneth Over is a favorite of mine. Angel's sense of humor is delightful. I have the sequel My Scrumptious Scottish Dumpling next to me as I type but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Haven't even checked to see if there are any recipes in it like the first one.

Sorry - brain feels like porridge today - thick and goopy!