Monday, April 04, 2005

Oh wow! It did get published - sorry about that! Just goes to show I should check the blog before I post.

Read an adult mystery during the weekend by Iris Johansen called Fatal Tide. I picked it up when I was in B&N in Green Bay during the Holidays and put it in my ever growing pile of adult books to read. I don't get to that pile often - too much fun YA to read. Anyway, I picked it up because the cover reminded me of Deep by Vance - a YA novel set in the Caribbean. A picture of a female's face as she lays face up in the water. Fatal Tide is also set in the Caribbean - mostly on a private island dolphin preserve near Tobago. The dolphins had been rescued from a net in the Canary Islands, where the site of the legendary Miranth (an Egyptian version of Atlantis) had been located. We have the feisty female character who had been abused a child so she isn't too keen on men and the rich and good looking adventurer who wants Miranth at any cost. Was a fun read. Now I want to visit Tobago! :-)