Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The intent was to sleep in - took Tylenol P.M. last night to knock me out. Fighting the cold that is going around school and I think I may be losing the battle. But, I woke up with a start when I remembered I hadn't given Steve my driver's license. He works for the Superior Court and we need to have a search done for any kind of tickets before we can renew our car insurance. The VI has a law that you cannot register a car without VI insurance - so no Allstate like we used to have, which was much cheaper. They had no problem with insuring us down here, but the registration office would not issue plates without proof of VI auto insurance. So Steve will pay another $10.00 fee for another piece of paper from the govt. I am going to take the driver's license test tomorrow a.m. Only given two mornings a week. Lots of trick questions to get the newcomers to fail so they have to retake it and pay the $35 fee again. I have already stood in line 3 times down there to get various pieces of paper that I had to pay for and then go get various other items they want, such as a physical and eye test, along with passport photos that do not end up on your license. I am not sure what they do with those!

I finished Maximum Ride and it surely is the first in a set of books. I enjoyed the story but a group of six bird kids loose in New York City who need to change their appearance fast just happen to come upon a free makeover session going on seems too good to be true. Six scrungy kids welcomed in for new haircuts, color, and clothes - a bit too much. And the writing is too "cutesy" at times, especially the second person excerpts directed at the reader. But, the characters are all very likeable and younger teens will love the adventure. Lots of chase and fight scenes with the Erasers, the mutant wolf/humans.

Max reminds me of Dicey in The Homecoming by Voigt. The older sister trying to protect her family - in Max's case, her flock. I enjoyed all of the Tillerman books - especially The Runner. I was delighted when Voigt received the Edwards award several years ago - it was time she was honored for her wonderful YA literature. I jumped up out of my chair with a whoop of delight when the award was announced. Wish I had an extra 24 hours a day just to reread the whole Tillerman series along with the other great YA I have read through the years.

Now to get some grading done. We are chatting with Gail Giles in my class tonight.