Sunday, April 17, 2005

This morning I think I really could have slept in, but no, the breeze took the bedroom door and slammed it and I woke up thinking a bomb had been dropped in the bedroom. So much for my idea of a nice leisurely natural Sunday morning wake up - instead I was wide awake, with a frantically beating heart, at 7:15 a.m.

The guys were here yesterday and put the air conditioner up on the wall above our bed. They had to jack hammer through the wall since almost all buildings down here are made of concrete. But, it is sitting there silent as now we wait for the electrician to come in and wire it. I have a feeling we will have moved out before that air conditioner actually works.

Read Dyan Sheldon's Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen last night. Mary Elizabeth, AKA Lola (her choice of names), is a died in the wool city girl moved to the suburbs of New Jersey by her potter mother. Not only does Lola take on a new name, she takes on whatever life story works for her at the moment - like two dead husbands for her mom - so that her friend Ella's parents will feel sorry for her and not be so upset about Ella hanging around with an eccentric city girl who does not dress like the rest of the girls. The villain in the story is Carla Santini, the rich bitch, who has everyone in the school wrapped around her finger for fear she will give them the silent treatment. They all know the last girl who stood up to Carla ended up leaving - unable to stand the heat. Lola not only stays in the frying pan, she get the lead role in the school play, which has never gone to anyone but Carla. Oh the angst of a teenage drama queen. The sequel is My Perfect Life, focusing on Ella, I think.

My audio book of the moment is A Northern Light. Am only on the first CD but I am loving it. Haven't found out what is in those batch of letters Addy has but I hope to find out soon.