Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Good morning all. I have a box of books all set to go to Montessori this morning, thanks to Flamingnet.com - a YA book review website that donates books to libraries. Check them out at www.flamingnet.com. I have Flamingnet bookmarked on my computer and check it out quite frequently. Since the HS just opened at Montessori last year we have a very small collection of books for them so the Cirque du Freak titles and the other books will be a real hit with the teens.

Read another ARC - The Queen of Second Place by Laura Peyton Roberts. As a teen I was not part of the in-crowd in school so I certainly related to Cassie's dislike and frustration with the Queen Bee, Sterling, who she called Fourteen Karat, or F.K. for short. The girl who had it all, flaunted it, and had a tongue as sharp as a finely honed sword. Cassie was the target for much of F.K.'s nasty comments due to her red hair and her love of vintage clothes. The competition between Cassie and F.K. heats up when new boy Kevin is partnered with Cassie for an English assignment. Cassie is sure Kevin will fall in love with her - after all she has immediately fallen head over heels in love with him! What she does to get and keep his attention puts her in detention, gets her grounded, and makes her realize who her true friends are. It was fun to read a YA novel where no one dies or does drugs. Just a group of teens with the typical teen issues, learning to deal with them. The Queen of Second Place is a Delacorte title and will be out in August. It is worth the wait. I am still smiling as I think of Cassie's antics.

Gotta go - time to take Steve in to the office.