Monday, April 25, 2005

It is 6:30 in the morning and it is already 87 degrees in the livingroom. It feels like a sauna after walking out of the air conditioned bedroom. Can't wait to get to the new apt! It is 81 outside so it is hotter inside than out. I am sure it is going to be hot at school too - it always is. Have to make up my Friday hours since I was home in bed.

My Thursday posting that disappeared into Blogspot cyberspace was about Barry Yourgrau's Nasty Book. It is most certainly nasty and will be loved by upper elementary and MS age kids, boys especially, as it is a compilation of down right dumb, nasty, gross, and sometimes disgusting very short short stories - 3 to 6 pages long. One is about a boy sent to the Dr. because he won't quit picking his nose. The doctor has a Kleenex up his nose and the boy tells the doc he knows he wants to pick it - that's why the Kleenex is stuffed up it. Sure enough when the doctor thinks about picking it a worms comes out of his nose and wraps around his neck. The nurse has one peeking out of her nostril as the boy leaves. Makes you think about picking your nose now doesn't it? YUCK!!! No bloody grossness, but heads do roll and ghosts abound. One boy's head get stuck in a tree and when his brother ties a rope around his legs and tries to pull him out his body comes out first and then the head rolls out, talking of course. This isn't my type of book, but I know the high appeal of gross out books. Check out for a feature on it. It will be out in a couple of days. FYI - the book is upside down with 2 questions on the first page - "Hey, is book is upside-down? Or are you? Turn the page - "Strange...maybe it is you!" and then "Nonsense, it's the book! So turn it over and start!" You won't be able to keep this one on your shelves.

Off to the library.