Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Having a hard time getting started today. Lots of noise last night, even with the air conditioner on, so falling asleep wasn't easy. Steve only works 1/2 day today and then govt. employees have the rest of the week off for Carnival. The Montessori kids are involved in the Children's Parade on Friday. They are doing a May Pole, carrying the ribbons and doing the actual weaving of the ribbons at two different viewing areas. They have been practicing at school. Carnival is a big deal on this island. The music was so loud when I went to pick Steve up my ears were ringing. The Carnival rides and booths are right next to the court buildings. The Food Fest is today - Steve said he was going pig out for luch. :-)

Scott Westerfield has a cool series out called the Midnighters. I just read the ARC for the second book, Touching Darkness, set in small town Bixby, Oklahoma. The first book in the series is called The Secret Hour. Of course, I found my copy after I read the second one, but I didn't feel like I was missing too much by having skipped the first, but I will go back and read it now as I really enjoy the characters. Jessica is the new Midnighter, having recently moved from Chicago, and she is adapting to her power to throw fire, from a flashlight! They name their weapons with thirteen letter words. This eclectic group of teens have an extra hour at midnight when their Midnighter powers are at their peak. They are fighting the Darklings who want one of the teens as a replacement for the human/Midnighter to mutate with a Darkling.